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  • Wild Game Processing

    Per Pound Pricing • Grinding Burger Only

  • We only accept clean, boneless venison in food grade containers. We reserve the right to refuse any venison that does not meet our standards for quality.
  • Price per pound on weight before smoking. Smoked products will have shrink.
  • All sausage products are vacuum sealed.
  • Just let us know how you’d like your meat to be handled and it will be promptly processed to your specifications. Call today to have your meat professionally processed. 715-676-3654


Grinding Burger Only $0.50/lb.    OR    Grinding and Wrapping Burger Only $ 0.99/lb.


Sorry, but due to the volume we take in it’s not possible to give any completion date! (Prices based on total weight after pork is added)

Summer Sausage Plain $3.19 lb.

Summer Sausage Garlic $3.29 lb.

Summer Sausage w/Cheddar Cheese $3.85 lb.

Bratwurst $3.29 lb.

Mild Italian Brat $3.29 lb.

Beer Brat $3.69 lb.

Smoked Cheddar Brat $4.29lb.

Bratwurst Patties $3.29 lb.

Wieners $3.49 lb.

Bologna Plain $3.49 lb.

Garlic Bologna $3.59 lb.

Smoked Polish Sausage $3.45 lb.

Breakfast Patties $3.29 lb.

Breakfast Links $3.29 lb.

Bulk Breakfast or Mild Italian Sausage $3.29 lb.

Slim Jims $3.69 lb.

Honey Flavored Slim Jims $4.29 lb.

BBQ Flavored Slim Jims $4.29 lb.

Jalapeno Slim Jims $4.29 lb.

Slim Jim w/pepper cheese $4.29 lb.

Crushed Red Pepper Slim Jims $4.29 lb.

Jerky (ground and formed) $4.29 lb.

Venison Bacon Sliced $3.69 lb.

Dried & Sliced Venison $3.29 lb.